Our Favorite Summer Boating Vacation with BigFoot: 5 Reasons Why

Wednesday April 29, 2015 comments

Have you seen Bigfoot in the desert?

Lake Powell is the adventure of a lifetime.  My family and friends having been going there for years to vacation, and in that time, never grown tired of our new adventures.

The only way to really enjoy the Lake is on a houseboat where you find your piece of paradise in a place where the water is calm, the weather is warm and dry, and the friendships of a lifetime are cultivated.  Here are just a few reasons, it is my absolute favorite summer boating getaway.

1.) Peace and Tranquility

The sunsets are spectacular, the stars are more than you can count, and the beauty of the canyon is beyond belief. 


2.) Playing

There is always fun on the water, laying in the sun, kayaking where canyon walls close in on you, tubing behind a boat for the young at heart, or cliff jumping from the canyon walls into the warm 80 degree, crystal clear waters. 


3.) Hiking

There are so many hikes to wonders on the lake. You feel you are John Wesley Powell exploring the canyons for the first time.  Imaging hiking to find petroglyphs or ancient rock bridges carved from at the rivers and streams.  These hikes are not for the faint of heart.  Many are very challenging and just a little on the dangerous side, but in the end they are all worth every step.




4.) Nothing But Glass for Days

Lake Powell is a skier and boarder paradise; smooth, warm waters. It is such a remote place that it is rare for another boat to come along ruin your piece of glass.  You can ski for hours along canyon walls so close you can reach out and touch them. 



5.) Relax

Tired from all of your activities? find a book, or just relax in the warm waters of Lake Powell. 


 Many people say they are disappointed in the dropping water levels.  We have always found new adventures in new coves that 10 years earlier may have been under 50 feet of water.  We have never been disappointed


And of course, you can carry all of your gear in your Bigfoot Bag.