BigFoot Homebrew Helper

Tuesday April 14, 2015 comments Tags: Homebrew, Louisiana, Crawfish

Crawfish season is in full swing down in Louisiana. It is tough to beat getting together with friends on a nice afternoon, crowding around a picnic table, and enjoying well seasoned crawfish and fixins.  Nothing goes better with crawfish than some good cold beer. 

This go round, I was responsible for the beer. I had a couple batches of seasonal homebrew in kegs ready for the any occasion with thirsty people. Being a stereotypical male, I don't like to take unnecessary steps to accomplish any activity, including loading my car full of homebrew equipment. Fortunately, my BigFoot Bag came in handy again. I was easily able to load everything I needed (two corny-kegs of beer, CO2 bottle, regulator, tubing, taps, etc) into my bag totaling around 80lbs. It was a heavy lift, but the bag straps made it pretty easy to maneuver into my car, plus it only took one trip! 

Homebrew Gear

Bigfoot Bag Homebrew

ready to go

The crawfish boil was great. You can't complain about big mudbugs and cold beer. In the end, it was a lot lighter bringing home the empty kegs, and I was relieved to just throw the equipment back in the bag and head out. I can't wait for the next boil; I just have to make more beer.