Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

Tuesday March 3, 2015 comments

I love being a musician. On gig day, I'll usually take an afternoon nap, drive to the venue at about 8pm, then spend the next several hours kicking out jams for people who want to have a good time. It's like being paid to party.

A few weeks ago my 6-piece dance band Take Cover played a show at FeNuGyz in Parker, CO. As is typical for these kinds of gigs, we were responsible for bringing and running our own sound system. Two-way main speakers, stage monitors, and a subwoofer, connected to several microphones, guitars, and keyboard--through a mixer--with fathoms-upon-fathoms of cables. It's mostly plug and play stuff, but there's a lot of plugging before the playing can happen!


My least favorite part of the gig is tearing down and packing up the gear after the show. This usually happens around closing time--when I'm spent. This time, I brought along a BigFoot gear bag (small size) to help expedite the packing out process. With the bag unzipped flat on the floor, it was pretty easy to load up the mic stands and assortment of cables I was hauling. Toss it in, zip it up, and I'm gone!

By the time we were packing up, it had started snowing pretty heavy (the biggest storm of the season so far). With all my gear wrapped up in my new bag like a burrito, it was great not having to worry about everything getting wet!