BigFoot makes an appearance at Louisiana Trail Run

Monday January 26, 2015 comments Tags: Louisiana, Trail Run, Keeps Gear Dry

The weather in the south is unpredictable in January. Early last week it was gorgeous with highs in the 70’s, lows in the 50’s with very little humidity. Perfect weather for the trail run I was planning to compete in on Saturday. Then came the cold front that caused “snow-days” in Colorado, mixed with the warm-humid stream from the Gulf of Mexico to create bone chilling, just above freezing, wind and rain (not ideal for a trail run).


So Friday night came along after raining for two solid days. The weather report called for a nice 34 degF temperature at the beginning of the race. I couldn’t decide what to pack to be prepared; long sleeve, pants, jacket, hat, gloves, shorts, spiked shoes, down vest… without stressing, I grabbed my BigFoot Bag and packed everything I could possibly need for the any race condition, zipped it up, and threw it in my trunk. This decision ended up being a great one!

Trail Running GearTrail Running Gear Zipped

After a nice warm up run before the race, I determined I would need both a hat and pair of gloves due to the breeze and the humidity seeping through my clothes. No problem, I had them in my BigFoot Bag. The race start/finish was a quarter mile from the parking lot, so I just brought along my bag with my spare clothes, jacket, and towel and stashed it by the trail.  I didn’t have to worry about my dry clothes getting wet with the bag sealed up and secure.


The trail run (Forge Racing Series: was epic. Plenty of mud, water features, and mostly-well-marked trail signs to navigate through the course. About a quarter mile from the finish, I took a fall and ended up soaking wet, freezing cold and covered in mud from head to toe.  It didn’t take long for me to break into my bag and swap out the clothes caked with mud with a dry change of clothes.


Having just run a race, I was not excited about having to somehow clean my running shoes and gear to avoid making the inside of my car a mess. No worries, I just dropped them in the BigFoot Bag, sealed them up, and into the car.

Muddy Gear

My BigFoot Bag did the trick; it enabled me to not sweat over what to bring to the race, kept my spare clothes nice and dry during the race, and protected the back of my car from the muddy residue from my shoes and clothes. It was a perfect trail run companion!


Let me know if you have any other great uses for your BigFoot Bag!