Bigfoot Kayaking

Monday March 9, 2015 comments Tags: Kayak, Louisiana Kayaking, BigFoot Bag

I've had the itch to get back out on the water in Louisiana after this winter. This spring has taunted me with gorgeous weather during the work week, and alternating constant raining or bitter cold during the weekends. Finally this past weekend, the weather cooperated enough to load up the kayaks and hit the rivers. I don't like spend a lot of time thinking about what gear I may need on my trip, so I just throw all the gear I could need into my Bigfoot Bag and strap it down tight (less thinking on my part means more time on the water). 

The rivers by my place are fresh water, but feed into the Gulf of Mexico, so with the tide, the water ends up brackish which creates a neat blend of ecosystems with all sorts of plants and animals to check out. Kayaking in Louisiana is great because without the whitewater and rapids, you can load up a sit on top kayak and just tour around, find a nice place to park, fish, picnic, and relax. I've got smaller drybags for my camera and phone, but this trip I took advantage of my bag to pack up some lunches and beverages and ventured out for a good beach. It was nice to open the bag and lay flat like a tarp to not have to worry about getting sand over everything. On the return trip, it got a bit choppy, but everything was secure and stayed dry. 

It was a great trip with tons of birds out and about and fish jumping.  Still a bit too cold to see any alligators, but hopefully this will be a good kickstart to a long summer and fall of kayaking the rivers. Be sure and let me know of any great places in the south to tour around!