Bigfoot Bags

Customer'We put the BigFoot bag to a great use this weekend. We packed in Elk hunting about 2 miles and used one of those 2 wheeled carts.'

D. Lange, Littleton; CO;

Small Gear Bag

The best way to manage the kids, the stuff and the SUV... all at the same time.

  • 600 x 600 Denier UV-treated Polyester w/heavy vinyl coating
  • Industrial duty #10 lockable zipper close & seal system
  • FootZipTabs™
  • Padded carrying handles
  • 2" heavy-duty polypropylene cinch straps
  • 2" stretchable strap for convenient storage
  • 3" carabiner
  • Water resistant, easy to seal design
  • Flat loading and easy stowing

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Realtree Hardwoods CamoCargoGardenGear

Price: $44.95

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